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Having a child with separation anxiety disorder can be stressful on the part of the parents. It can be challenging and disappointing to have a child who has a special need. Fortunately, there are national and international organizations that can provide support and information to help them manage their child with separation anxiety.


This is a support group devoted to providing support and understanding to parents of children with separation anxiety disorder.

Recovery, Inc.

Founded in 1937, Recovery, Inc. is a mental health organization that provides self-help method of training, as well as a system of technique for regulating temperaments and modifying attitudes towards nervous symptoms, depression, anxiety, fear, and anger.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Established in 1980, the aim of this organization is to promote the welfare of people suffering from phobias and anxiety disorders.

Agoraphobics in Motion

Founded in 1983, this national organization utilizes behavioral and cognitive therapy in helping people overcome agoraphobia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

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