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Learning Disorders Support Groups

The good news is that learning disorders are treatable. It requires collaboration from parents and teachers in order to effectively treat the condition. There are support groups that can help in education and information dissemination about learning disorders.

Learning Disabilities Association of America

Established in 1963, Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) is geared towards providing support to people with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers, and health professionals. They provide information, practical solutions, and an extensive network of resources on learning disabilities. LDA thrives on the belief that every person with a learning disability can achieve success at school, work, relationships, and communities.

Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

In 1966, ACLD was established by a group of parents, professionals, and other interested individuals in order to help children and adults become successful in school and work. It offers a wide range of programs and services for children, adolescents, and adults with specific learning disabilities. It lives on the catch line “Opening the Doors to Success.” The organization operates in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Council for Exceptional Children

CEC is the biggest organization, recognized worldwide, geared towards the improvement and educational success of individuals with disabilities. It sets government policies and standards for exceptional individuals.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

The NCLD is geared towards intensifying public awareness and understanding of learning disabilities. Likewise, they provide educational programs and services that cater to research-based knowledge. NCLD is taking the lead in promoting public policy regarding learning disabilities.

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