Kleptomania Resources, Support and References

Kleptomania Support Groups

Support groups may be helpful to individuals with kleptomania since it will allow them to recognize and accept their condition and obtain better understanding on ways to cope and prevent the urges of stealing.

Kleptomania Support Group

This is an online support group that offers forum for kleptomaniacs, their families, and friends in dealing with kleptomania together.

Kleptomania Support Group

This is an online website that provides answers to the common questions about kleptomania. It is an educational site that sheds more understanding about kleptomania with research articles to read.

CASA-online Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Support

Provides a support group for recovering kleptomaniacs, shoplifting, employee theft, theft addiction, and compulsive shopping.

National Association for Shoplifting Prevention

This is an online site that offers educational programs to help people recover from kleptomania and shoplifting.

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Could You Have Kleptomania?

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