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Depersonalization Disorder Support Groups

As Depersonalization Disorder can be a stressful and difficult condition, it is vital that the family make the patient feel that they are not alone in their struggle. The support of relatives and loved-ones can inspire the patient to be strong and not to lose hope. But there are times when the family or relatives of the patient does not have the capacity to support them during their most challenging times. This is where various support organizations, groups, and associations come in. Here are some of the support communities that can help the family and patient of depersonalization disorder:

Dissociative Disorders

This group was established in order to help people who have been diagnosed with a dissociative disorder.

Depersonalization Community

This is a website offering support for patients of depersonalization and derealization.

Dissociative Disorders

This is a mailing list for people with dissociative disorders.

Elizabeth Surviving

This website was established by a singer-songwriter who wants to share her difficulties with dissociative identity disorder.

Labyrinth of People Support Group (LOPSG)

This is an e-mail group which is operated by the owner of Labyrinth. To maintain the safety of its members, this is a closed and private group composed of DID sufferers and their supporters.

National Alliance on Mentally Illness

The site provides resources, ongoing events, support groups, and advocacy topics.

NEEDID Support Network

This is a site operated by patients with DID/DD as well as their supporters.


The website provides references, healing, and a network for survivors of severe child abuse.

The Lighthouse Sanctuary

The website is designed to provide support for victims and survivors of abuse by offering information and resources.

Welcome to Barbados

Inspired by Tori Amos, this is a support group for survivors of rape, abuse, and harassment. The site features the stories of the survivors.

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Could You Have Depersonalization Disorder?

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