Somatoform Disorders

Somatoform disorders are a category of disorders presenting different symptoms that would suggest the presence of a medical disorder but cannot be fully explained. It consists of mental illness characterized by mood, behavioral and mental disorders which are the common source of the person’s symptoms.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a psychological disorder in which the person is intensely preoccupied with an imagined body defect. This preoccupation interferes with or hinders the person’s normal or optimal functioning. People with Body Dysmorphic Disorder are extremely self-conscious because they are constantly concerned about one or more body parts which they believe are deformed, misshapen, unaligned or otherwise offensive to look at. Objectively though, such body parts usually look... Read more about Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Brief Psychotic Disorder

Brief Psychotic Disorder is a condition wherein an individual suffers from a psychotic attack which lasts at least a day but no longer than thirty days. These symptoms may include hallucinations, catatonic behavior, delusions, strangely inappropriate behavior, or peculiar... Read more about Brief Psychotic Disorder

Factitious Disorder

Factious disorder is a psychological disorder that involves the deliberate intention of a person to feign, fake, falsify, and exaggerate their symptoms of illness in order to assume the role of being sick. Another form of factitious disorder, called factitious by proxy, is presented by a person where there is the same deliberate intention of exaggerating and feigning the symptoms of the person who is under their care. The chronic and severe form of factitious disorder is named Munchausen’s Syndrome.... Read more about Factitious Disorder


Hypochondriasis belongs to the ranks of the somatoform disorders, a group of mental illnesses that was created to include differential diagnosis of disorders that have physical symptoms with no clear organic findings. According to the DSM-IV, the symptoms are characterized by the absence of voluntary control, thus eliminating malingering and factitious disorders from the group. Other disorders included in somatoform disorder category are: somatization Disorder, pain disorder, undifferentiated somatoform... Read more about Hypochondriasis


Malingering is a mental or psychological disorder that is also commonly referred to as fabricated mental illness, with legal impediments marked by the deliberate intention of an individual to exaggerate their mental or physical symptoms due to a variety of motives. This includes the desire to obtain financial compensation, which is often associated with fraud, getting lighter criminal offense, obtaining drugs, attempts to get out of school, avoiding work, and to attract sympathy and... Read more about Malingering

Munchausen By Proxy

Munchausen by proxy syndrome is a rare condition wherein a principal caretaker fabricates or exaggerates symptoms or illness. Named after Baron von Munchausen, an 18th-century German dignitary, Munchausen by proxy is one of the most harmful forms of child abuse... Read more about Munchausen By Proxy

Munchausen Syndrome

Munchausen Syndrome refers to a condition wherein a person deliberately fabricates, exaggerates, or self-induces an injury or illness for the purpose of receiving treatment afforded to medical patients. Munchausen Syndrome derived its name from Baron von Munchausen, a German soldier known for making up fantastic stories about his imaginary adventures. Richard Asher coined the term "Munchausen Syndrome" in 1951 in reference to people transferring from one hospital to another, faking various... Read more about Munchausen Syndrome

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is a condition wherein an individual becomes extremely anxious or self-conscious in social situations. Individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder have an intense, chronic, and persistent fear that they are being monitored or judged by other people. They are afraid that their actions might lead to embarrassment. Prior to a feared situation, their worries might go on for days or weeks. Due to the intensity of their fear, Social Anxiety Disorder may become a hindrance to their school,... Read more about Social Anxiety Disorder

Somatization Disorder

Somatization disorder is a psychiatric condition where an individual complains about several medically unexplained physical or somatic symptoms. To be diagnosed as a somatization disorder, the complaints must be serious enough as to significantly hamper the ability of an individual to perform their daily activities like school, work, family, or social responsibilities, or forces the individual suffering from the condition to seek medical... Read more about Somatization Disorder